Sabtu, 10 Februari 2018


Pos Malaysia Track & Trace System Is Down: Affects Pos Laju, EMS, and Parcel Services

Pos Malaysia earlier today has revealed that its Track and Trace system on its official website is not functioning at the moment. The announcement also stated that the downtime is affecting its Pos Laju and Parcel services as well as the international Express Mail Service (EMS).
While the notice was published at 10AM on the company’s Facebook page and Twitter account, the system might have been down much earlier though based on the comments posted by Pos Malaysia’s customers throughout both social networks.

The said Track and Trace feature on Pos Malaysia’s website, which is also shared by the company’s Pos Ekspres service.

In the announcement, Pos Malaysia didn’t mention any estimated recovery time for the system. However, the company has promised that all items under their care will continued to be processed and delivered to their intended destinations.

Meanwhile, customers who need to know the status of their packages while the system is down should try reaching out to the company through its Facebook page or Twitter. although the answer will not come immediately though. There are also other alternative means to contact them as well.

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